COMSA is a Non-profit Community Based Organization (CBO) with a heart and mind for the community we serve. We provide culturally customized services to Somali refugees and other immigrant and refugee communities in North East Wisconsin. We address their specific and unmet needs and make them feel at home. Our organization is run by people who deeply understand the historical background, special needs and problems affecting the refugee and immigrant community in the Brown County, Wisconsin. Our aim is to create a welcoming environment for our clients and help them become productive members in society.


Thank you for taking your important time to read our story. Our story is a human story of endurance in hardship and loss, survival from wars and conflict, and hope in finding a new beginning in life. It’s the sad story of ordinary people whom due to wars, conflict and persecution forced to leave behind and sometimes never to gain back everything they had–their homes, family, friends and community- the very things that we sometimes take for granted. It’s the story of refugees and immigrants who crossed across the international borders, taken treacherous sea journeys or walked many miles across the hot inhospitable Sahara deserts to find a refuge in somewhere safer.  Today the world faces the biggest refugee ever. More than anytime, more people have been forced to leave their homes. The number of people displaced in the world are a record high since World War 2.  According to UN Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) there are 65.5 Million or one person in 113 people displaced around the world by wars and conflict. Fortunately, some of these refugees found a new beginning in their life with a new home, new friends and a new community. See the video:


A resourceful and prosperous community that contributes to the wellbeing of its members and those of other communities that they live with.


To serve refugees and immigrant communities in the Brown County, Wisconsin by providing them with support services to meet their resource needs and facilitate community integration.


How we work internally & externally with our partners

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