Welcome to Community Services Agency, INC- COMSA

We are glad and grateful that you have shown an interest in our work and visited our site. COMSA is a resource center that provides culturally accommodating and customized services for Somali refugee and other immigrant communities in Northeast Wisconsin.

COMSA is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit organization.  The organization was established in order to fill the existing service gap for Somali refugee and immigrant communities in Northeast Wisconsin. COMSA is managed and led by community leaders who understand the special needs and challenges affecting refugees and immigrants on a daily basis. The big picture is to create a welcoming environment for refugees and immigrant families in the community, with services that come alongside families, therefore enabling them to speak English, seek employment, education, and become self-sufficient.

COMSA also leads public education and awareness events within the community at colleges, schools, and worship communities to speak about who a refugee is and why they have come to our community.  We speak of our personal resettlement journeys and inspire others to seek out their neighbors in friendship and welcome. You, too, can make a difference in the lives of refugees in your community by volunteering with us and sharing your time, expertise, and talents. You can also donate to sponsor some of our needed services for the community. If you wish to volunteer with us please fill out the volunteer registration form below. If you would like to donate, please email us and we will inform you ways you can do this.


COMSA’s mission is to serve Somali and other immigrant and refugee communities in North East Wisconsin, by providing them with support services that meet their needs, while facilitating community integration and awareness.


A resourceful and prosperous community that contributes to the wellbeing of its members and those of other communities that they live with.


In close consultation and conducting focus groups in the community. COMSA has put together a combination of resources and aides that will help the community members overcome the challenges that they face. Our solution is outlined here below:

Employment & skills development

Making families and individuals self sufficient.

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Legal & immigration services

Empowering the community with rights & responsibilities

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Community Integration

Building bridges and friendship across communities

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Interpretation and translation

Reliable, quick and professional translation services.

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Community health outreach & education

We believe healthy community is wealthy

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Women & youth empowerment

Transforming the lives of women and youth to attain their potential

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Educating both children and adults

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Family & individual emergency needs support

Emergency relief for those vulnerable community members

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June 11, 2026 - September 11, 2026