COMSA Policy & Organizational culture
COMSA strictly enforces the following policy that guides us how we conduct business internally and externally with our partners, communities and clients. It’s mandatory that everyone who works with and for COMSA including but not limited to the Board of Directors, members, employees, volunteers, contractors among others adhere to the following policy:
1. People First
When we serve, we place the needs and interests of the people we serve before ours.
2. Accessible
All members of the community have equal access to the services that COMSA provides. We do not and will not discriminate anyone from accessing our services regardless of their color, race, tribe, beliefs and political affiliation. We also believe in and practice the principle that community workers should be accessible to the people that they serve. Anyone can approach us, meet us, talk to us and seek our help at any reasonable time and or place with or without a notice or appointment.
3. Benefit to society
We strive to act in a way that promotes the needs and interests of our community, by helping but not hindering them.
4. Do no harm
Our services and activities must never bring any form of harm to people, property, animals and the environment. This harm includes both physical injury and psychological harm (such as damage to people’s reputation, self-esteem, or emotional well-being, etc), animal cruelty, as well as environmental degradation.
5. Efficiency
We know that resources including money, time and people’s labor are valuable and scarce. We strive to provide quality services with the optimal use of resources.
6. Effectiveness
Whatever we promise to do, we will do so as promised.

7. Commitment
We are 101% committed to what we do.
8. Truthfulness
We say what we do, will do, and can not do, and do what we say.
9. Sustainability
Every activity that we do, we consider the legacy that we want to leave for our future generation. In this regard, we will use our resources efficiently without compromising the needs of our future generation.
10. Honesty
Our members are expected to practice and exercise honesty and integrity at all times.
11. Fair treatment
We aim to treat people in ways that are fair, just and equitable, including making decisions that are independent from race, gender, socioeconomic status, tribal/clan affiliations and other characteristics.
12. Shura (Consultation)
We believe and practice the principle of Shura whether it involves amongst ourselves as an organization or when we deal with organizations, clients and communities that we serve or work with. We believe in participatory decision-making that fosters ownership and support of all stakeholders.
13. Social Justice
We believe that the distribution of wealth, opportunities, privileges and leadership roles within a society should be equal to all members of a society including individuals from minority communities, refugees, immigrants and women and youth.
14. Meritocracy
The criteria that we use to recruit and select people who serve in our organization is solely based on what they know, their passion for community work, their talents, education, experience and how they can benefit our community. We strive to recruit people with appropriate experiences, qualifications, talents and good character. We also empower and give an opportunity to work with us those who have a heart for community work regardless of their experiences or education, including volunteers, students, community members, among others.
15. Service excellence
We promise to provide the best service possible with a smile on our faces. We will serve you in a special manner that will make you call again for even more of the same or different service.
16. Diversity
We celebrate our differences including cultural, tribal, religious beliefs, opinions, ideas, political affiliations, interests, and others and we promise to respect these differences.
17. Respect
Respecting the rights of individuals to act freely and to exercise their own choices is our motto. We will not force anyone to use our services.
18. Remedy
We all know that as human being, we are fallible, but whenever we make a mistake, we promise to provide remedial actions that will try to address or correct our mistakes where possible.
19. Confidentiality
We aim to safeguard and protect the information that we know and collect from our clients, employees, volunteers, donors, including their identity, personal conditions, financial status etc. Should we need to share their information with anyone or third party, we will seek their consent to do so. We will also safeguard organizational information that is meant for internal purposes.
20. Trust
Everyone who works for and with the organization must be trustworthy and credible. Building strong and lasting trust with our clients, community and partners is our business. We also work in ways that will preserve or maintain the trust that we have already earned.
21. Transparency
We work in open door policy. Every member of the community has a right to know what we do, how much they cost and who is incharge.
22. Accountability
We take full responsibility for our actions, behaviors, services and results, and are answerable to the organization’s management and to our stakeholders(clients, community, partners, donors, members, etc).