Community Integration

Whenever immigrants and refugees move to a new community or place they have many needs which include basic needs for housing, food, employment, education, and so forth. In addition to these needs, there is also a need for social interaction and achieving a sense of belonging to their new community. This is called integration–a process by which refugees and immigrants become fully accepted members into their new community, both as individuals and as a member of their new community. Integration is one of the refugee/immigrant needs that is often neglected or overlooked and many assume that this happens naturally. For integration to happen and be successful, it must be a concerted effort that involves many actors- refugees and immigrants themselves, the host government, local communities and institutions among others.
COMSA is able to bridge the social gap between the local and immigrant community by forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones, and creating an environment of tolerance, respect, and love. COMSA collaborates with many community partners who are doing excellent work within Brown County.  We are able to bring many valuable connections and services to our community through our relationships with providers in our area.